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What is the Essence Project?

The Essence Project is a guided journey of self-exploration and feminine presence.  The idea began in the winter of 2014 when Candace, the creator of The Essence Project, lost her home, her job and her partner and ended up on a beach in Tulum, Mexico.  This life changing experience helped to open her eyes and let go of all distractions that were keeping her from her true passion and owning her own essence.  (Obviously there is more to the story, but we will keep it short here)   The story goes, she had just purchased a new camera and had the fortunate divine timing to end up in a women’s retreat after her unfortunate turn of events. 

While immersed in the blue waters and glow of the gorgeous women she was getting to know, she offered a gift.  Each woman had the chance to have a 20 min portrait session.  Her chance to share the transformation that she was embodying at this retreat and a period of undivided attention focused on nothing else but making her feel beautiful.   The feedback that Candace received after these brief interactions is what tapped her into her true passion.  All women deserve to see themselves as truly beautiful and have the freedom to own all parts of her true essence.

The pretty, the raw, the primal, the shy, the fierce… all are permitted.


Why we do this

The guiding force behind The Essence Project is that all women are inherently beautiful and each woman has her own unique power and creative genius that needs to be shared.  This is a safe place to let go of all the stories and limiting beliefs.  It doesn’t matter how much weight you want to lose or how you got picked on for being too skinny. The process is designed to create the opportunity for you to share pieces of yourself that might be tender or shy or just needs permission to be the raw, adventurous and unadulterated self that is underneath all the protection and story.  Your chance to be free, if only for a couple hours.



The Essence Project is for you if

You desire more self care time

Women who know that they want something more for themselves and can take the time and energy to do something creative and luscious without regret.

You desire a deeper connection to yourself

Women who want to connect deeply with their intuition, power and sacred inner beauty

You are a heart- centered woman  

Women who want to feel more heart centered, be free of anxiety, and create peace throughout their life

You want more freedom in your expression

Women who want a safe space to truly express themselves in all their rawness and vulnerability and to be authentically seen


What We Offer?

Essence Shoot

You, in your essence.  Free to explore a side that may have never been seen. Dropping your guard and allowing for something true to be revealed.  It’s not about the amount of clothes you have on or not. It’s about meeting you where you’re at right now. It’s about helping you dive into that piece of you that may have been hidden all of your life.

Essence Celebration

One of the main desires that women crave is connection.  We all want to be surrounded by like-minded women who love and support us.   The Essence Celebration is a fun and flirty way to bring your sisters together and celebrate your uniqueness.  Gather your favorite 6 girlfriends and celebrate the friendship, love, and beauty of your circle.  This is great for bachelorette parties, reunions, a Saturday night, what ever suits you and your crew.

Essence Experience

The workshop integrates sensual intuitive movement, music, meditation, and self-exploration.  This is your time to be unapologetically yourself, and for your inner beauty to be authentically expressed This is a unique collaboration allowing you to give yourself permission to be seen in your truest beauty, authenticity and self expression.

Some benefits of The Essence Project?

-Gaining a richer, deeper, and more connected relationship with your body

-Stripping away layers of fear, grief and anxiety to create deeper self-acceptance

-Awakening to your true power

-Letting go in a safe sacred space with love and support

-Using the power of breath and meditation

-Allowing to trust yourself while being witnesses and supported

-Experiencing what it feels and looks like to truly love yourself

-Sharing your authentic self in all its beauty and influence





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What the women say

Whether you choose the Solo shoot, the Celebration or the Experience, you will enjoy an experience that is designed to get you more centered, grounded and more in love with yourself.   Here is some feedback from some of our radiant women.

“This was an amazing day. From the amount of space that was held for each of us, to the sensual touch and the ability to sit in the rawness of who we are, was deeply healing. I feel held, healed and more myself”  -Melinda Gulick

“The combination of doing work to really get in touch with that essential part of myself, but then combining that with the piece of photography to really embody that, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hadn’t been in touch with that part of myself for probably 20 years” – Nina Fry

“Inside us there is a word we cannot pronounce and that is who we are.”

– Anthony Marra

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